the world i want to live in

By Cheyne Howard

In Cheyne's first ever poem, she builds a world that all wom*n would dream of living in.


The world I dream of living in isn’t perfect by any means, but the few things that are different would make a difference to me

I wish someone had told me that men didn’t run the world, but my father has been telling me since I was just a girl

The world I want to live in is far from sugar and spice, but I wouldn’t be lying if I said it would be nice, if I didn’t have to walk on ice to tell a partner no, especially when all of this happens at 15, and boys are trying to seperate what I say from what I mean

In the world I want to live in I am not not an object of lust, but my own sexual being where consent is a must

In the world I want to live in I would never have to say, to my mother that 3 different men have treated me this way. I wouldn’t have to tell her of the damage to my mind, but luckily for me in either world she would be kind

In this ideal world I dream of, more when would understand, why we want so desperately for locker room talk to be banned.

I really wish I never had to hear my best friend say, that despite her best efforts, she couldn’t keep him away. 

In the world I want to live in, women are always safe. No matter the situation, I could always have faith, that I could walk down the street without fear of being raped.

But I’m scared the world I dream of is very far away, and every time you hurt a woman, you keep my dream at bay

Cheyne is an 18 year old creative from Sydney. She's in a femme punk band called SOOK. This is Cheyne's first poem ever and she is passionate about ending violence against women. 

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