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By Abby Butler

The first legend we're showcasing in our Slay Sister series is 23 year old Sydney skater, Steph Andersson!

Drew Barrymore makin' it look easy in  Whip It

Drew Barrymore makin' it look easy in Whip It


When and why did you first get into roller skating?

I started skating 4 years ago because I watched Whip It and wanted to be cool like Ellen Page. I left derby last year and now I have fun ramp skating with Chicks in Bowls Sydney!

What’s the best part about roller derby?


When you’ve been practicing a skill and it finally clicks- the sense of achievement is amazing. Also goofing off with awesome teammates at training even though I’m sure coaches would argue otherwise hahaha

What’s the hardest part?


Getting stuck in a rut where nothing works right or you’re not progressing, especially if everyone around you is nailing it and you start comparing yourself to them.

Was it scary when you started?


When I started I was mostly really excited to learn things. My old league, South Side Derby Dolls, really took care of the rookies so I never felt afraid to try or to fail. I guess if I ever was scared of something I’d get my mind into a calm space and rationalise the situation, or I’d ask for advice from teammates.

What’s the worst injury you’ve had?


I nearly broke my wrist but luckily got away with REALLY gnarly bruising. I couldn’t bend my wrist for two weeks and it was so swollen. I’ve seen much worse though, people can get really badly hurt playing derby.

What are people’s reactions when you tell them that you do roller derby?


They either ask me what the hell is that, ask if you can still punch people, or they’re really impressed and want to know all about it!


What advice would you give to someone keen to start?


Give it a go! Get in touch with a league in your area and ask them about what’s involved in their rookie program. Definitely ask if they loan out derby gear because pads and skates are really expensive if you’re not sure whether or not you want to commit. Another good tip is to go to a game and see if it’s something you might be interested in because I promise you, it’s absolutely nothing like Whip It! Never be afraid to try, give it everything you’ve got and you’ll feel so fantastic

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