POETRY by indii newman

I started writing poetry as a way of coping with my sexuality, and from there it stemmed into a way of expressing my emotions.

music heals

all we need


is an alternative experience

in which we can relate

to glorify our human experience

into chimes and rhymes that

ring deep down into our hearts


they don't teach you that in music class

you know

that it heals

the better me

like a 5:00pm on a summers day

when the air is fresh

and all are out

absorbing every ounce 

of purity and freedom 

like a sponge

collecting natural beauty

to grow and become

all we want and more

the act of self glorification




i was an air pump

inflating a mattress

being pushed down

used, pressured, overworked



and down


and down, and down, and down


she controlled me

the pump

by applying pressure

she accomplished something

she gained a mattress

stability, comfort, rest


and once she got what she wanted

she removed the pump

closed the plug

and laid on the mattress 

i helped her build

with someone else

Indii Newman is a 16 year old poet from Western Sydney. Have a look at her Instagram for more.