pas romantique

Pas Romantique, French for “Not Romantic” is a reflection of the Romanticism period of art culture that sought to rebel from depicting the traditional idealised form of a perfect human that was dominant in prior artistic movements.

Today in a generation of social media and visual platforms, we are once again fixated on depicting an idealised reality, hiding and omitting elements of personal flaws and insecurities. The body of work brings to light these issues of body-image, self-expression and rejection, mental illness and the prevalent issue of alcohol and drug use in suppressing one’s turmoil, putting them on a platform to acknowledge and find strength in a more multifaceted view of humanity, thus creating opportunities to talk and be open with our issues and ideas.

By Hannah Dunn





I created this in tribute to some strong people I know who haven’t had the luxury of a stable home, I saw and admired their strength amongst the otherwise hidden hardship.



bottle of comfort

This was a tribute to a friend I don’t see as often now, but was someone who heavily inspired me and helped me grow despite their conflict with inner demons and alcohol abuse to cope.






A message of empowerment to myself and those around me who have struggled with body image and self-confidence, and how all shapes and forms are still desirable.





This one has two messages to me, one reflecting the feelings of isolation and loneliness, and another more about the peace of mind I can have when in my own company.


Pas Romantique Stairs.jpg




This was the first idea I had for the series, which came from a big talk with a friend in the middle of the night on church steps where my parents were married, opening up about who we were and empowering each other through listening and support.



inner conflict

Everyone has their own inner monologue that contradicts, fears or challenges everything we say or do, and this was inspired by that.



i haven't left the house in 5 days

This is me in my pj’s. I’d definitely say I’m a busy person when juggling everything, and when my art studio doubles as my study desk for Pharmacy assignments and study, sometimes it can be overwhelming and I don’t get a good chance for a big break – this work reflects one of those times. It also doubles as a tribute for my friend who has dealt with anxiety, where sometimes leaving the house can be too overwhelming as well.




This depicts how sometimes you do listen or act on ideas which aren’t “good”, and how that’s normal.







A tribute to a close friend who felt trapped in a dark state of mind.

Hannah Dunn is a 20 year old illustrator, designer and collage artist based in Newcastle. She's a part of the Art team of No-Fi Collective and has worked with local music acts like Fritz, Split Feed and Raave Tapes in creating event posters, single covers and designs for merchandise. 

In August 2017, Hannah launched her first solo exhibition Pas Romantique at Watt Space Gallery, a series that explored bringing to light the strength in a subject despite their faults and insecurities. 

You can check out more of her work on her Instagram.

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