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With this week being filled with killer tunes from über talented wom*n, triple j Unearthed producer Claire Mooney narrowed down the cream of the crop for the week, as well as some new artists you should keep an eye on... 

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tia gostelow

The perfect duo does not exi…

North Queenslander sweetheart who took out the Unearthed High Indigenous Initiative Award in 2016 is back in 2018 with a heavenly and intimate new one. ‘Strangers’ is hauntingly gorgeous yet warm. She’s teamed up with Melbourne singer Will Cummings (aka LANKS) on this one too and the two of them really give Angus & Julia Stone a run for their money. The pair work hand in hand together. Keep an eye on this lady! Tia’s got her debut record on the way too.

SONG: Tia Gostelow Ft Lanks - Strangers

moaning lisa 

The track we’ve all been waiting for! It's brand new music from our Canberra pals Moaning Lisa! ‘Good’ is the follow up track from Carrie (I Want A Girl) (can I just remind everyone how bloody great that song is) and it’s magical. If you’ve been looking for a soundtrack to your life, I reckon this be it. This one will make you feel real good. It’s full of dreamy harmonies, fuzzy guitars, a whirl of sound and super cute lyrics. “You drew a face on my wrist in permanent ink and it is smiling for us”.

SONG: Moaning Lisa – Good

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“Hey Mr, what’s your problem, ain’t you ever seen a girl with no top on”. Our Brissie punk favourites VOIID have unleashed another ruthless track. ‘Not For You’ feels like it could be taken right off the back of Bikini Kill record. This one spits fire to all those silly boys who just can’t help themselves. It’s powerful and an important reminder for Women to regain their power and ownership of their own bodies. This also just fucking rules. Female Empowerment has never felt better, and the message couldn’t have come at a more important time. All girls to the front! WARNING *** VOIID guarantee to make your face melt and your boyfriend cry.

SONG: VOIID – Not For You

the buoys

If you’re a fan of bands like Ruby Fields & Eliza and The Delusionals then you’re going to love these Sydney newcomers. ‘Blues Point Road’ is the new track from The Buoys. It’s short, sharp and strong and a stand out point towards just how recognisable their sound, music and their vocals have become. They’ve really honed in on that Buoys sound! This one’s just a snapshot from their forthcoming EP ‘Split Lip’ to be released later this year and we’re damn excited!


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If you haven’t heard of Sydney garage punk group SOOK, then it’s about time we acquaint the two of you. They’ve just put out their six-track debut EP, The Cook Book and it’s punk at its best. Now, these gals are all about laying down the rules. Their song writing is brutal, honest and at times punishing… sort of equivalent to a slap in the face really. But there’s no holding back. Their music is a huge wake up call to those who have ever felt powerless, at a loss and/or in an unfair battle. Their debut single ‘I’m Not Your Woman’ focused on ideas surrounding domination, possessiveness, jealousy and power.

“Hands around my throat, my face is turning blue, I wish you’d choke me harder, so I can die and get away from you”.

And their second single from the EP ‘Oppression’ is strong, fearless and it’ll send powerful shivers down your spine. I mean for women, we’ve all thought it, SOOK just have the guts to say it.

SONG: SOOK – Oppression

el tee

Get ready to wrap your heart around Melbourne sweetheart artist El Tee, the new project behind Lauren Tarver. She loves baking bread, making everyone eat it and perfecting her joke catalog. She’s influenced by artists like Patti Smith, Kim Gordon and The Cranberries and shouts out to those in the Melbourne community scene that inspire her too. YES, we’re looking at you RVG, Lazertits, Suss Cunts, Cable Ties, Lalic, Laura Jean and Jaala.

El Tee writes about finding resolutions through taking back the space and power from those who have caused hurt and pain. But also calling them out on it too. Radio Silence is the name of her 2 single EP she’s just released. Both ‘Hold On’ and ‘Inside’ are gorgeous. They’re full of emotion, moody soundscapes and gorgeous guitar tones. Think Julia Jacklin, Angel Olsen and Gabriella Cohen on this one.

SONG: El Tee – Hold On

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eliza & The delusionals

Early this week Eliza and her band The Delusional dropped their first track for 2018.  This one comes after ‘The Deeper End’ the EP they released mid last year.

Half Empty Girl is the name of the track about those feelings of confusion you might have towards yourself and decisions you make in life. Particularly when you’re a young person making a career in music where a lot of people can second guess you and make comments on what you should or shouldn’t do that leave you believing in things that aren’t true to you. It’s full of hooky lines, a soaring I-can’t-help-but-sing-along-to chorus and a song that a lot of us can relate to. What an ANTHEM!

SONG: Eliza & The Delusionals – Half Empty Girl

ainsley farrell

Californian born, Sydney based artist Ainsley Farrell, returns with this beautiful, golden, rock infused / Americana Folk new song, ‘Walls’. She’s living up to what she’s best known for on this one. It’s sincere, endearing and how can you stop listening to that voice? This reminds me of First Aid Kit on this one. If you’re a fan of them, plus Julia Jacklin, Angie Mcmahon and Angel Olsen you will love this.

SONG: Aisnley Farrell – Walls

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Throwing in something a little different there. Meet Elle Tayla, the Melbourne musician and producer behind Yollks. She's drawing inspiration from UK Garage and House music with this bad-ass and smooth pacing beat on this one. The track’s is about letting go of inhibitions, old habits and embracing the new. She’s worked with Melbourne based artist Aphir (Becki Whitton) with the mixing and producing on this one.

SONGS: Yollks – Charms

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