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the wom*n of this that festival

By Gabrielle Clement

Is there a better feeling than dancing around in the dust with a face full of glitter and your best mates to live music from an artist you love? We think not, and neither does our resident festival fanatic Gab.


Aussies for Equality

"Studying floristry has made me appreciate the extensive rainbow in our native species"

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Intricate artist

"I love that by creating art I have a platform to meet like-minded souls and have an outlet for my imagination..."

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mallrat @ the factory theatre

By Gabrielle Clement

The pop princess of Brisbane and her posse of kick-ass female openers took Sydney's Factory Theatre and our girl Gab was there to capture it all for you.




tatiana Sugarplum Sparkle Craufurd-Gormly

lino print 

"To me, finding the tools to heal from trauma and using them in an outward action like creative expression is so liberating."




cait northam

photography, collage + digital media 

"The future looks bright if it's in the hands of our generation."


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mel o'dell


"I just want to create a beautiful space for people to be in!”





"The body of work brings to light these issues of body-image, self-expression and rejection, mental illness and the prevalent issue of alcohol and drug use in suppressing one’s turmoil."

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yohana wilson


"I find beauty in the nostalgic..."



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charlie bennell

printmaking + collage 

"I just like having fun with it and experimenting..."


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ash naylor

music photography

"I pretty much always have a camera of some sorts in my hand!"




lucy morgan

digital print

"I love art because it excites and inspires me to create more..."

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jess frankland

abstract painting

"My paintings are like small acceptance affirmations..."


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