By Abby Butler

Triple J Unearthed producer and all-round kick ass babe Claire Mooney gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to get your foot in the door. 


1. understand how people work

People love when people listen, care about what they're saying. Have an opinion, ask questions (even if it's 'how are you?', 'what did you do today?', 'how can I help?', 'how did you make that happen?', 'what did you learn?'). If you can empathise, try and see from a new perspective it can help too. Listening is important, asking questions is important too.

2. say yes and get involved 

You can do anything! Get amongst things like The Push, your local radio station, volunteer at festivals, make a blog, make a playlist of your favourite songs, start taking photos at gigs, start reviewing gigs etc.

3. be positive, be excited 

The music industry is exciting. Those who have been in the industry for a while can forget how great it can be and they might be looking for someone who might make them realise how exciting it really is and motivate them to keep doing what they do. If you work hard, show that you're excited and show that you're passionate, then someone will have to hire you!

4. ask around

Who do you love the work of? You like a band and you love their PR or social media presence? Hit up their manager for a chat. Ask to learn. Do things to better yourself. Most people are willing to give you their time. They don't reply? Don't have the time to reply. Hit someone else up!

5. don't be taken for granted

I was in a situation where this guy pretty much used me to help him put on this dinner with a bunch of musicians he had never met and it made me feel uncomfortable and used. I learnt that I should speak up and make it clear that it’s not okay.  The idea of consent is also important to understand. I had this guy at uni who would continuously buy me records and after the third I was like "NOOO! Please no more!", but he kept on doing it. When I got a boyfriend, he just made uni awful for me. I used to think that it was my fault and I felt really bad, but now I realise that I didn’t deserve that. Women should realise that saying no is okay and you shouldn’t feel bad. Speak up, you don’t have to be rude or get angry when you do so, but respect yourself. Do you, you are most important.

6. don't forget to rest up

You need some down time sometimes. It’s super important! Yoga, exercise, art, drawing, sitting, staring, friends, movies, rewatching the entire season of Gossip Girl!

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