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australian summer


My two favourite things, girls and surfing.



skater boi

Inspired by Avril Lavigne, this was shot on film and layered with highly saturated mountains.

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swell at coogee

There's nothing like the community that happens when you're all out there in the whitewash.

'The swell was so big even Coogee beach had waves. We all cheered as the brave ones of us were out there. It was us and nature.’



This piece is intended as a middle finger to the fear mongering of the Trump administration. My friend Tahlia spray-painted this on her board and I thought it so perfectly depicted how people refuse to be manipulated by such regressive rhetoric - the future looks bright if it's in the hands of our generation.






I wanted this piece to capture a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. The collage elements of Gold Coast motel signs are interspersed with photography of my sister surfing

Here and Queer.jpg





This year has been a massive year for the LGBTIQA+ community. I wanted to make something that showed just how fabulous we are. I think this displays positivity and how love is the only thing that matters.

Cait Northam is a 24 year old artist from Cronulla. She loves exploring contemporary social and political issues through a combination of photography, collage and digital media. You can check out more of her work here

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