🌹All about us 🌹

The Sisterhood of Soul was born in 2017 after I scrolled through the podcast library and realised there was nothing for young female-identifying Aussies. My name is Abby, I'm 19-years-old and I created the space, originally as a podcast, for any wom*n to share their stories and experiences, and feel the love and support from their fellow sisters. 


I've always believed that there is a sort of magic that comes from authentic conversation between wom*n. Whether sitting around a table in a coffee shop or laying on the beach, we can truly learn so much from simply opening our ears and our hearts. That is what this space was built on. Our three aims are to be inclusive, authentic and a little bit wild. 

Inclusivity is our number one priority. We utilise words like wom*n, sisters and babes to include all those who identify as female. Whether cis, trans or non-binary we want to ensure our content never isolates any individual or community. 

Authenticity is at the very core of what we want to do for young wom*n. Often times society will exclude or ignore our voices, so this is a safe space where wom*n can share their stories, thoughts, opinions and experiences honestly and truthfully. 

We're forever looking to shake things up a bit, so don't be afraid to be wild. This is a community where you can be yourself, take up space and be proud of  the amazing babe you are! 


If you ever feel like we've slipped up on language or ever feel uncomfortable with our content, we urge you to email sisterhoodpod@gmail.com. We want to learn, grow and be the best community that we can be. 


Art by Charlotte Macs (@charlotte.macs)

Art by Charlotte Macs (@charlotte.macs)